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About Glam Rock:
Glam Rock Magazine is a fashion based webzine bringing you interviews, stories and insight to the fashion and beauty industry. We concentrate on bringing you all the latest on the industries core representatives; including Fashion Designers, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Bands and Stylists, as well as the artists and designers who influence them. We are the ones who make the fashion, the music, the feeling of the life you’ll live in that fashion and we determine what you want, what you got and what you’ll hate in 6 months because so-and-so wore it on some “_____ of Love” show you can’t stand but still watch every week.
We strive to take the phrase “Glam Rock” and make it so much more than an eccentric 80’s hair band phase. While we LOVE those bands for their teased hair, rockin’ attitude and fun music, we feel that Glam Rock means SO much more! Glam Rock is the fusion of hollywood glamour and sex appeal mixed with the rebellious and hardcore attitude of underground bands and fashion guru’s who rock the streets harder than any mainstream-lister possibly could.
Glam Rock encourages self expression and the search for originality which is why we don’t report on trends. Trends go in and out of style quicker than some Hollywood marriages so we prefer to focus on great fashion throughout time. Bringing you the best of styles throughout different time periods and different countries, you will be able to see what you love and what you cant stand! This creates a much more interesting and long lasting wardrobe.
With Glam Rock being the true fusion of glamour and rebellion, our style reflects that. We may have blue and teal hair and wear a mixture of goth-lolita and scene kid clothing but our hair is big and glamorous and our makeup is always picture perfect. This good vs. bad mentality in fashion is what we live by, and our goal is mix it together and create a beautiful tragedy. A new vision of beauty!

Harlow Minx and Tragic Glamour Photography collaborate for this fun video that shows off the seductive siren that Harlow Minx is! Check out the corresponding images with Harlow's interview in the Spring 2013 issue (with Kelly Eden on the cover). Clothing and accessories by C.TA Glam Couture.

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