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About Glam Rock:

5 Years Later...
Running a magazine on your own is a daunting process. you acquire pet peeves you never knew you could have. The rewarding part of it is the achievement of successfully giving a platform for this industry to showcase their work. Making dreams come true by publishing people who always dreamed of being in a magazine.
Established in 2007, resurrected in 2009, in print since 2010, Glam Rock has been one of the longest running independent online based magazines in the alternative industry. As each year goes on, our quality increases. While magazines slowly fade away, and the internet becomes the main stage, we hope to keep this platform open. i named it Glam Rock to showcase the glamour of the edgy rocker style of the fashion world. For years we did quarterly issues, but as of 2015 we now do seasonal issues twice a year. the covers are more coveted and the the quality more strict.
At GR, we don’t do issue themes, though we love the idea, we concentrate on edgy fashion and beauty! Giving a creative platform to showcase more than the average fashion magazine. We accept all sizes, all styles, tattooed or not. Create beauty with everyone. Showcase the art that deserves to be seen from it.
Our latest issue is our 5th anniversary issue of Glam Rock, since we made it what it is today, back in 2009. A years worth of great content that showcases some of the hottest models and photographers today!

Submissions and info:
Submit your best work to be considered for a feature to:
Spring/Summer submission Deadline is May 30th. Issue release in June.
Fall/ Winter submission Deadline is Nov 30th. Issue Release in December.
See our submission page to learn more!

Harlow Minx and Tragic Glamour Photography collaborate for this fun video that shows off the seductive siren that Harlow Minx is! Check out the corresponding images with Harlow's interview in the Spring 2013 issue (with Kelly Eden on the cover). Clothing and accessories by C.TA Glam Couture.

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